Weaving: Meet the maker


Weaving is WAK’s newest teachnique and it will not leave you indifferent. This technique will allow you to create unique tapestry in the easiest ways, you’ll be able to achieve really incredible projects!
If you are passionate about challenges, reinvention and DIY, get ready because WEAVING has arrived to We Are Knitters!

  1. What are your favourite materials to weave? I love thick and juicy fibres like roving and wool. I also love the other end with super fine silks. A mix always makes me happy.

  2. 2. Which of your projects have been the most difficult and ambitious? I had a community project about 6 years ago where I set up a loom in a florist front window and invited the community in to sit by my side and weave a few passes and have a little chat. The final piece was raffled off to the community.

  3. 3. Is there any project you’d like to do? I love collaborations. I am open to anything. Homewares and furniture. Something sustainable and beautiful.

  1. 4. Where do you find the inspiration for your designs? Mostly through nature and my own emotional landscape. I love to sit and doodle whilst I meditate on my feelings.

  2. 5. Was it easy to learn how to weave? I taught myself to weave through a weird mish mash of vintage books and trial and error. There were no diy videos back then. Now I have three online courses to help weavers on their journey.

  3. 6. How long does it take to finish a project? Depends on the size. I can finish a small piece in a few hours or it might take a few weeks to weave a piece 3mx2m. The weaving is only a small portion of the time and so i need to take into account the weeks of design and planning that goes into a piece.

  1. 7. If you had to pick a favorite design from your new WAK collection, which one would it be? I love the fringed piece. Rya knots were my first weaving true love.

  2. 8. Do you have any other hobbies besides weaving? Weaving is my one and only true love. It is my job and my hobby and my self care. It helps me take time for myself and allow creativity.

  3. 9. What is the most common mistake when you start weaving and how can you fix it? Warping too tight and weaving too tight. IT can make your final pieces look tortured. Remember to bubble every pass to ensure even tension. Try to be loose – in weaving and life.

  1. 10. Any curious tips and tricks for new weavers? Don’t put too much pressure on your first few weaves. Try to have a go and try out skills and explore different fibres.

  1. 11. How do you choose the color frame for a project? I like to look towards nature for colour inspiration.

  2. 12. How did this started? How was your first project? I picked up weaving seriously when I was pregnant with my first son. I was looking for something to pass the time of maternity leave. Weaving changed my life. There was a calmness in it that I craved. Also it seemed like the ‘rules’ could be bent. I loved playing. I also was drawn to the idea of using my hands in this primal way that linked me to generations past. You can’t scroll on your phone when weaving! My first pieces were on a little rigid heddle loom. Little pieces of cloth that I turned into utilitarian pouches.

13.  Has there been a project that you had a hard time finishing? When working with clients projects can run off the rails. When you have not been clear throughout the design process, visions can get mixed up. Now i am very clear about getting clients to sign off on fibres, colours, design and size before beginning a piece. This keeps everything clear on on the right track.

14. Is weaving something you recommend for beginners? FOR SURE! It is magical!

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