How to fix a dropped stitched without undoing your work.


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Probably more than once or twice you have been knitting and, without realizing it, a stitch has slipped off your needle and you watched how it unraveled in slow motion with no chance of catching it. After the initial panic moment, you probably wondered if you had to undo all off your work back to that stitch to fix it. Today we bring you a very quick solution so that you never have to pull your work out and can easily recover the stitch.

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For this tutorial we used a skein of our Merifine wool and size 8 (5 mm) needles.

How to fix a dropped knit stitch

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When you dropped a knit stitch, it probably looked like the image above. Do you want to see how we fixed it? Hit play on the video below:

Like you saw in the video:

  1. We insert the needle into the loop of the dropped stitch and under the strand of yarn in the row below.
  2. Using the left-hand needle pass the stitch over the strand and, our dropped stitch is fixed!
  3. Now we just have to slip the stitch to the left-hand needle and keep knitting as usual.

How to fix a dropped purl stitch

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While working a purl row you dropped a stitch and it looks like the image above? In this video you can see how to fix it.

Like you saw in the video, these are the steps to fix:

  1. We insert the needle under the strand of yarn and through the loop of the dropped stitch.
  2. Insert the left-hand needle through the stitch, and then we drag the strand through the stitch. Our dropped stitch is fixed!
  3. Now we can continue working our row.

We hope this trick comes in handy and avoids many moments of panic while knitting. There’s nothing worse than dropping a stitch. Share your knitting experiences and projects that you used this tip for on social networks by tagging us at #weareknitters. See you next time!

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